Sitting in my bed reminiscing on the memories of a wonderful New Years Eve, I began my journey in posting my first, of hopefully many post on this blog. It may sound foolish to begin a blog with no true visual of what or where I want to go with it but I have had the desire of making a blog for quite sometime now. If you witness this crazy first post, well. . . pray for me! 😀

– However, the one thing I do know is that I want to create a fun space for my thoughts to be collected in a public space. In hopes, that in the mix I am able to inspire ANYTHING unto you. 

– I am a typical girl from Dallas TX. . . Go Cowboys!!! – well at least for right now, anyway – I work as an Assistant Manager for Avenue a plus size store hence my A la XL title. I go to college


& I love lasagna

                                              garfield   Hey there gorgeous!! 😉

okay, I really just wanted an excuse to post that picture. . . you like? 


okay moving on. . .

Across from me is my new Crosley I got for Christmas. Crosley, if you don’t know, is the company that makes Vinyl Record Players, if you don’t know what that is, well sweetie, bless your heart! <3; Playing old songs of Carlos Santana made me remember my younger years when life seemed like a piece of cake. I been living this life since 1991 and somehow it feels like I’m just now living. So if my memory span doesn’t become shorter than it already appears to be I would like to share bits and pieces of my experiences  in every possible way: poems, photographs, long and “Ill just read the first sentence and skip to the last one” posts, to hopefully bring something fun out there to cyber space. (Yes, I do recognize there is stuff out there already, like Cute Kitty Videos)